Kind Milk,

Our yummy award winning milk, produced with our cows living happily with their calves by their side - no separation and no slaughter.

Full Cream Kind Milk 2L

Kind to cows, kind to calves, kind to farmers and guilt free for the consumer. A delicious bottle of milk from OUR dairy farm to you.

We're not like other milk.

We are small, innovative and caring, championing a more positive dairy world.

We don’t send our baby calves to slaughter.

Our cows roam
on natural

We practice
biological farming

Our products
have zero

About Us

How Now is not about us, never will be. How Now is purely about our cows and their babies, living and sleeping together, as they should be. Our true belief that all that stands between us and a kinder, luscious, smooth velvety milk, is a new way of thinking.

Frankly, we believe our milk is milk from a better place – a kinder place. We call it ‘Kind Milk’


'How Now'
Should we farm?

It strikes us that if we blend the right mix of old fashioned animal husbandry with great science and modern technology, dairy farming can very much be conducted on the cows’ terms.

We don’t think we are profoundly clever or anything, but we do, profoundly, care. Importantly, we know we are not alone. We have had hundreds and hundreds of conversations with other people who care equally about animals and the lot of the dairy cow.

How Now is for that kindred spirit, and providing them with the chance to make choices that sit comfortably. How Now is about asking “‘How Now’ should we farm?” Does economics win over ethics and compassion? We believe that one does not need to come at the expense of the other.

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